Naming our Feelings. Healing our Pain

Two amazing women help us Shine On today. Mhairi Koepke is an artist and healer who teaches children to make peace with emotions in her new book, and she soothes souls with the flower essences too!51vzEA+KH0L._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_ Nadiya Nottingham, a Celtic Shaman, holds a circle to heal the wombs of women who have experience loss or trauma to the sacral chakra. nadiya_stream1 Soulful women who are helping to heal the world. Listen in. xo Kc

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Who are you? (Who, who, who, who?)

Greek Goddess Maria Benardis is here to help us Shine On by tuning in to who we really are and honoring that soul with true nourishment. It’s work. But once you do this job, the rest is easy. * The Beauty Project is a gift to help young ladies figure out who they are – thanks to teacher Naomi Katz. * And Daphne Oz from The Chew has some great ideas for grilled cheese- because no matter who you are, everybody needs a sandwich now and again. 🙂 This show airs Father’s Day. Sunday June 19 on 100.7 WHUD.

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imgres-2 Listen in as we Shine On this week with Fran Drescher. She invites you on a cabaret cruise around NYC June 20 as she celebrates 16 years cancer free. She gave me an education – and we get to hear that wonderful laugh.

imgres-3THIS is the perfect book to take on vacation. Good advice is like good nutrition. Litte Victories will make you feel better inside and out. Jason Gay writes like you are reading a letter from your best friend. By the way. Call you best friend. xoKC

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Summer in the City…and the Country

theatban Summer in the City….
Take the family to New York this Summer. I found two amazing Off Broadway Shows for you.
Liberty, A Monumental New Musical is the story of Lady Liberty’s jounrey to America as told through the eyes of a young French girl. And, 4 Eric Carle classic tales are told in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The people who created those shows are here to give us a backstage tour. And Summer in the Country…imgres-1 Two former NY city slickers run a goat farm in Upstate New York. You can win a weekend on the Beekman Boys Farm. Enter free. I did! Yesterday, I bought a season pass to SUP (stand up paddle board) on the Hudson. Today, make your plan. Find the time to do what you love this summer. What you see is seeking you. <3 Kc

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Healing with Horses.

9781921656392On this week’s Health & Happiness Show children with autism learn to Shine On thanks to some amazing horse sense. Veterans with PTSD and all people in transition can find relief with the therapy of horses. Learn about kinetic strategies and how movement and motion affect our brains. Rupert Isaacson traveled the world to find help for his son. Your relief can be waiting for you right here in Cold Spring, NY at So grateful for this education…so grateful for the great minds and gentle horses who are providing this nourishment.

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Your Dream is Waiting

A barmaid in South Wales dreamed of being in the winner’s circle.
Middle School Students in the South Bronx can now dream of their names in lights.
Poor women in Costa Rica dare to dream of a better life.

It’s amazing what one small action can do.
I hope these 3 stories empower you to take another step toward your dream.
Why not you?
xo Kc
Click the RSS feed to the right to hear this weeks Shine On Show.
Namaste, Y’all.

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Your Inner Physician….

imgres-6 This week on the H&H Show: Dr. Radha Gopalan an acupuncturist – cardiologist – yoga instructor shares the tale of how someone who “knew better” found himself recovering from a heart attack. Yogi Phoebe Miller created a life that wanders – and a platform for us to keep our practice close. Chiropractor Marianne Messina got an immune boost from a healing modality when she was just a teen – today she helps others do the same. And Joanne Angel Barry channeled meditations that promote healing. Enter your inner ashram – where the doctor is always in. Thanks for Shining On – Sunday May 15. Listen in on the RSS feed to the right! xoKC

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Are you my mother?

imgres Another Mother’s Day has passed without Lori Hodgson seeing her children, Jeremy and Jessica Leake. Lori did see a short video clip of each child on ABC TV’s Nightline. Scientology sent the clips to the program that Lori was featured on, speaking out against Scientology’s practice of “disconnection”. Lori left Scientology 5 years ago. Her kids stayed in with their father who told them if they did not disconnect from their mother – he would disconnect from them. Listen in as Lori vows to reach her by educating the world about Scientology’s family policies.
This show aired on Sunday May 8, 2016. Jessica and Jeremy – kindness is all that ever matters. xo KC

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Comedy & Redemption

This week’s H&H Show features two men on separate stages. Mike Birbiglia, a stand up comedian, actor, dad. And Nadin Garcia, an ex-econ, inspirational speaker, dad. SEe Mike Birbiglia’s one man show Thank God For Jokes before it ends in NYC May 29. Then he’s off to promote the film Don’t Think Twice. Listen in and you will wish this guy lived next door to you and you could barbecue together every weekend. images* Nadin Garcia grew up on the streets on Yonkers, NY. Nadin found the will to turn his life around from an old timer who will die in prison. Farcountry Press gave him the power to write Plan B – a book that is helping people in prison and on the streets. My thanks to both men for sharing their stories. <3 Elsewhere I am surrounded by women! At the Glass House Retreat ‘Say Yes’ walk at the Buddhist Monastery in Kent last Sunday, 25 ladies gathered to encourage each other to Say Yes to what’s next. Lovely day! Tonight I am finally taking one of those group painting glasses with ladies who support the work of The Keon Center in Peekskill, helping developmentally disabled adults. Tomorrow I join a dozen sweet seekers for a Tarot Reading class. Then it’s off to the Giordano Foundation luncheon to discuss how we can help women Veterans in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. All the world’s a stage…and all that jazz. Enjoy your roles this week. xo Kc

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How Prayer Changes your Brain….

7527002472Have you had an “enlightened experience”? A moment when you were one with the universe? It’s trippy, man! Dr. Andrew Newberg has made his life’s work the study of what happens to our brains when we connect with All That Is. How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain is the topic to start the show this week. Plus, meet Anne Martel – an Earth angel – bringing healing services to senior citizens for free. If you live in the Hudson Valley and practice reiki, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture or any healing modality – you can help! And, would consider opening your home to exchange students? Italians Francesca and Allegra are getting ready for their first prom. Hear what they have to say about teens in the USA. That’s this week’s show in the RSS feed to the right. * These glorious spring days find me digging in the yard. The pitiful Hostas are now being protected behind a barricade created by ladder on it’s side, a wheel barrow, various planters and piles of bricks because the dogs already ate them down to nubs. At the first sign of a Hosta pushing up from the Earth, Chevy and Rosie think they’re at a buffet. What’s up with that? I will pray for their enlightenment. xo K

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