Comedy & Redemption

This week’s H&H Show features two men on separate stages. Mike Birbiglia, a stand up comedian, actor, dad. And Nadin Garcia, an ex-econ, inspirational speaker, dad. SEe Mike Birbiglia’s one man show Thank God For Jokes before it ends in NYC May 29. Then he’s off to promote the film Don’t Think Twice. Listen in and you will wish this guy lived next door to you and you could barbecue together every weekend. images* Nadin Garcia grew up on the streets on Yonkers, NY. Nadin found the will to turn his life around from an old timer who will die in prison. Farcountry Press gave him the power to write Plan B – a book that is helping people in prison and on the streets. My thanks to both men for sharing their stories. <3 Elsewhere I am surrounded by women! At the Glass House Retreat ‘Say Yes’ walk at the Buddhist Monastery in Kent last Sunday, 25 ladies gathered to encourage each other to Say Yes to what’s next. Lovely day! Tonight I am finally taking one of those group painting glasses with ladies who support the work of The Keon Center in Peekskill, helping developmentally disabled adults. Tomorrow I join a dozen sweet seekers for a Tarot Reading class. Then it’s off to the Giordano Foundation luncheon to discuss how we can help women Veterans in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. All the world’s a stage…and all that jazz. Enjoy your roles this week. xo Kc

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Happy Spring!

This is what our Day of Health & Happiness looked like on March 13! 70 women shifting, sharing, learning and letting go. Thanks to all who joined us. What’s next? A Day to Say Yes! Set a place of nature and reflection; the Chuang Yen Monastery in Kent, NY on April 10. Join Us! As I write this chilly morning, it is the first day of spring. My birthday month continues with a trip to NYC to see Bright Star on Broadway today. Then it’s back to the radio studio tomorrow. I’m excited for the guests who are lined up to share their stories this season! Yogis and healers who are giving their gifts with those in need. Doctors and dreamers who know life is more than this earthly journey. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share these stories – and so grateful for those who tune in to listen to them. You can hear older podcasts below. The latest H&H shows are in the RSS feed to the right. This week – Stacey Hawkins – a mom who lost 100 pounds and found a new business creating spices for our good health. Money guru Jane Bryant Quinn has calming advice to help us save for retirement. And Dr. Timothy McNiff shares the latest status of Catholic schools in New York. Have a great day! xo Kacey

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How Prayer Changes your Brain….

7527002472Have you had an “enlightened experience”? A moment when you were one with the universe? It’s trippy, man! Dr. Andrew Newberg has made his life’s work the study of what happens to our brains when we connect with All That Is. How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain is the topic to start the show this week. Plus, meet Anne Martel – an Earth angel – bringing healing services to senior citizens for free. If you live in the Hudson Valley and practice reiki, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture or any healing modality – you can help! And, would consider opening your home to exchange students? Italians Francesca and Allegra are getting ready for their first prom. Hear what they have to say about teens in the USA. That’s this week’s show in the RSS feed to the right. * These glorious spring days find me digging in the yard. The pitiful Hostas are now being protected behind a barricade created by ladder on it’s side, a wheel barrow, various planters and piles of bricks because the dogs already ate them down to nubs. At the first sign of a Hosta pushing up from the Earth, Chevy and Rosie think they’re at a buffet. What’s up with that? I will pray for their enlightenment. xo K

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Peace in Nature…

There is nothing I love more than being alone in nature, except maybe being in nature with my dogs.
Taking step after step and hearing only the crunch of leaves and twigs under my feet is good medicine for me. This week’s guests love it too. Grandma Gatewood left her family to “take a walk” only to head out on her first of 3 treks across the Appalachian Trail. So many of us could never even do it once! This mother of 11 did it in tennis shoes and without a tent. Amazing. And if you love glorious spots in nature, visit Bannerman Island in the middle of the Hudson River. Eleanor Seeland shares her memories and invites you to visit her childhood home. Thanks for tuning in…see you on the trail. xoK download

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Move Energy.

Energy. It’s everything. Actually, it’s the only thing. While we spirits are vesseled in these bodies we will have occasions for assistance in moving our energy.

Jillian Schwartz – an acupuncturist on staff at two Westchester Hospitals – is offering free treatments to veterans with PTSD. If you “have a pebble in your garden hose” she can help you. Listen in for the greatest explanation of what her painless, magical needles do to help people every day.

Brett Bevell – on staff at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies – moves energy without needles. His latest book can empower you to do the same. Really? Try it! Click to the right to hear the latest show.

I’ve put some reiki on these very words -sending you a stream of love…and gratitude.
Have a great week!

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Your secrets are written on your hand…

A lovely Russian woman “read my palm” and totally flipped me out. I met Irina at 12 Grapes in Peekskill where I was performing my “one woman show” – All I Need to Know I Learned on the Radio. We exchanged cards. I emailed her the next day – completely drawn to her quiet kindness. I thought she’d make a great guest for Shine On! The Health & Happiness Show. I didn’t think she’d change my life.

Irina changed my life. I guess I didn’t learn everything I needed to know on the radio.
We met at her home. We talked about her extensive education in hand analysis. She inked my palms and put my prints to paper. Hmmf. I heard a small “hmmf”. I asked if that “hmmf” was a reaction to something she saw. It was. Irina chose her words carefully and gently.

Something really terrible happened to me when I was a kid. A little kid. It was a pretty awful thing. Maybe 3 living people are aware of it. No one ever mentions it. I rarely think of it.
But there it was…in a starburst on my palm. How can that be?
Your brain sends signals to your hands and that’s where these marks come from.
Some marks can change. Some can’t. Some things you can hide. Some things you can’t.

Irina went on to tell me things about myself that I only thought may be true.
An idea was always in my heart. Irina showed me the evidence is also on my palms.
I left her happier than I have been in forever. Taller. Stronger. Clearer. Grateful. xo KC
This show aired Sunday, April 3 on 100.7 WHUD.

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Heaven Suggested. Doctor Approved

This Easter Sunday morning Health & Happiness show finds us with a life after death story. Tomy Rosa, a plumber from Riverdale, NY died. When he came back to life he had powers to heal and a wealth of information he received from his teacher in heaven. In the book Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth Tomy shares the guidance he received in heaven and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist and a psychotherapist, confirms it. On page 84 you will find these general guidelines for daily supplements.
50 100 miligrams of CoQ10 (softgels preferable)
200 – 400 miligrams of magnesium
200 – 400 miligrams of l-carnitine
1 teaspopn of d-ribose
1-2 grams of omega 3 supplements, taken in divided doses.imgres The story of how these two met will convince you that heaven is closer than you think.

Bona Pasqua, my friends!

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Kacey…on the radio and on the road

cropped-Kacey-Red-Jacket-e1454276956371.jpgJoin Kacey Sunday, March 13 at 6:30 pm at 12 Grapes in Peekskill for
All I Need to Know I Learned on the Radio. Eat. Drink. Laugh. Cry. Sing! Reservations 914-737-6624. $10 or free with menu purchase.

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Chasing Magic – and – How Your Brain Gets Tired

He could possibly be the most interesting man in the world. Matt Kaplan takes us on a scientific journey into the world of the magical. And, Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin takes us deep inside your brain to explain why you are so tired! Listen in for two great guests this week on the Health & Happiness Show. This show aired Sunday, January 24 on 100.7 WHUD

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The Healer Will See You Now. Meet Jason Elias who is Kissing Joy as It Flies.

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